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1. The League shall be called and known as “The Colwyn & Aberconwy Snooker League. Whenever the league has a sponsor then the words “ Sponsored by *******” shall be added.

2. The aim and objective of the league shall be to foster snooker and other billiard table games in the area, and to promote good fellowship. The league shall be a member of the North Wales Billiards & Snooker Association.

3. The League shall be managed by a committee consisting of one representative from each team. Such representatives shall be registered players and shall each have one vote on any issue put to the vote. Proxy votes are not permitted. Other registered players may attend committee meetings and speak on any business conducted but shall have no vote. No persons other than registered players may attend except by invitation formally voted on and passed at a previous meeting. The committee shall ordinarily meet on the first Tuesday in each month during the playing season. There shall also be an Acceptance meeting in late July or early August at which (a) new member clubs are accepted into the league, (b) clubs declare the number of teams they propose to enter during the forthcoming season, and (c) clubs will register players’ names for their team(s).

(d) The format and structure of the league for the coming season shall be decided.

Additional meetings may be called to deal with urgent matters either by the decision of the Chairman or by written request to the Secretary signed by not less than six registered players. The Chairman, Secretary & Treasurer shall, whenever possible, attend all meetings but shall have no vote unless they are also attending as team representatives. If the Chairman is absent then the President, if present, shall chair the meeting. If he is absent then an ad hoc chairman for the meeting will be chosen from the representatives present. The quorum for committee meetings shall be TEN team representatives. Such representatives must attend to the end of the meeting. Teams not represented at any committee meeting shall have one points deducted from their league total.

4. The league shall have the following Officers who will be elected annually:- President, Chairman, Hon. Secretary and Hon. Treasurer. Press Secretary and Vice-Chairman. The President shall be entitled to attend all meetings of the league either by virtue of his office or as a team representative but shall have no formal duties.

5. The league shall hold an Annual General Meeting within ONE month of the end of the season. All registered players shall be entitled to attend and each attending player shall have one vote on any issue put to the vote at the meeting. Any new players to the League shall not have any voting rights at an AGM for THREE years. Proxy votes are not allowed. No persons other than registered players may attend except by invitation formally voted on and passed at a preceding committee meeting. All motions voted on shall be carried by a simple majority except those involving a change to these rules for which a two-thirds majority will be required for such a motion to be successful. Business conducted at the AGM shall be :- reading and approval of the minutes of the last AGM; Chairman’s report; Treasurer’s report followed by presentation and approval of the balance sheet for the previous year: Secretary’s report; any business the subject of which has been delivered to the Secretary in writing at least fourteen days prior to the meeting; Press Secretary’s report, election of Officers for the forthcoming year. An agenda for the meeting and a copy of the balance sheet shall be made available at the start of the meeting to all those present. Details of any written notice of motion received by the Secretary or proposed by the committee for consideration at the meeting shall be notified in writing to each member club at least seven days before the meeting. Nominations for new officers must be in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days prior to the meeting and must include the name and signature of the proposer, the name and signature of the seconder, and the name and signature of the nominee. Existing Officers are always free to seek re-election without formal nomination and it will be assumed that they do so unless intention not to do so has been specially notified to the committee. A quorum for any General Meeting of the league shall be fifteen registered players. An extra-ordinary General Meeting of the League may be called to deal with specific urgent business with which the committee is not empowered to deal . Such a meeting may be called by the Officers and must be called within fourteen days of receiving a request to do so, signed by at least twenty registered players. At such a meeting only the specific motion for which it was called may be discussed and voted on.

6. The league may, at the discretion of those present at any AGM, elect as Vice-presidents up to a maximum of five persons who are considered worthy of distinction. The office of Vice-president shall carry no formal duties.

7. Any club may apply for membership of the league and to enter one or more teams each of six players, such application to be made at the Acceptance meeting held in late July or early August of each year. Clubs applying for membership will be required to pay, or to provide written guarantee of payment within a reasonable period, the registration fee of £40.00 per team entered. Existing clubs will be required to re-register each year on the same basis. Clubs must also register players for each team entered. No player may register for more than one team. There is no maximum to the number of players registered but the minimum is six. No team may register any player who is not eligible to represent the League in the North Wales Inter-league competition. Players who also play for the Conwy Wednesday League who are not selected for our Inter-League squads may play for the Conwy Inter-League team if our committee grants them permission. A registration fee of £3.00 for each registered player is payable on the same basis as the team registration fee. Additional unregistered players may be registered during the playing season by the club notifying the Secretary in writing at least 48 hours before the first match in which they are to play. The secretary will provide all clubs with a list of registered players as soon as practicable after the Acceptance meeting and before the first match of the season. The Secretary will notify the name(s) of any newly registered player(s) to the captain of the opposing team in his/their first match not less than 24 hours before that match and will notify all other teams within seven days.

8. Member clubs should normally have at least two tables available for matches but applications for membership from clubs with only one table will always be given consideration; an earlier start for home matches may be imposed. For clubs with more than two tables the choice of whether to use two or three tables for matches is entirely at the discretion of the home captain.

9. Each match will consist of six frames, one frame each between six players in each team. Pairs for each frame will be chosen by random draw between the two captains. The home captain shall have sole control over the order of play and choice of table for each frame. Three league points will be awarded to the winning team, one point to the losing team provided they win al least one frame; two points each for a draw. All frames must be played.

10. The home captain is responsible for forwarding the match result to the secretary, or press secretary if there is one. One league point will be deducted from any home team failing to send a match result to the appointed officer by the Saturday following the match.

11. All members of the away team must be at the match venue by 7.30 pm and the first frames must start no later than 7.45 pm. The home team will provide referees for all frames and, if requested by the home captain, the away team must provide markers.

12. Matches are to be played on the dates stated in the fixture list. No match may be postponed other than under exceptional circumstances which have to be justified at the next committee meeting. Not being able to field a full team is not deemed an exceptional circumstance. No match may be postponed less than 24 hours before the fixture date (7.30 pm on the previous day). All postponed matches must be played within 14 days of the original fixture date. Details of postponement and the new date must be notified to the secretary not more than 24 hours after the original fixture date (7.30 pm on the following day).

13. Cancelled matches shall count as 6 - 0 win to the opposing team. No team may cancel or forfeit more than one match in a season. Exceeding one forfeiture or cancellation will result in that team being excluded from the league for the remainder of the season and the results of all previous matches will be null and void. Should that happen then any outstanding fees or dues to the league become payable immediately. A team failing to turn up will be treated as a forfeiture; giving less than 24 hours of cancellation will be treated as a failure to turn up.

14. Any player banned from a club may not play for a team visiting that club.

15. Any team playing, or attempting to play, a player who is not registered for that team will forfeit the match as if it had not been played. Such forfeiture will count under Rule 13.

16. All clubs must display in the match room a copy of these rules. Up to date copies will be provided to team captains by the league secretary on request.

17. A player may transfer from one team to another up to the end of the first half of the season provided he has played no more than six matches for his original team. All transfers must be approved by the committee before a transferred player can play for a new team. An additional registration fee of £4 will be payable.

18. All complaints under these rules, such as fielding an unregistered player, or late arrival by the away team, or any other complaint must be made to the Secretary in writing within three days of the alleged incident. All such complaints shall be investigated and adjudicated on by the committee.

19. In the event of two or more teams having equal points at the end of the season then the team which has won the highest number of frames will be placed highest in the league table. If two or more such teams have won the same number of frames and qualify for the same trophy then league placing will be decided by a “play off” within ten days of the last league match at a neutral venue decided by the committee.

20.(a) In knockout competitions arranged by the league it is the responsibility of the home player/pair/team to contact his/their opponent within ten days of the draw being made. Failure to do so will result in loss of home advantage and the away party then has seven days to make contact.

(b) The party making contact must offer at least three dates with no less than ten and no more than fourteen days between the first and last dates offered. No more than one day may be a Saturday or Sunday. Away parties must contact within five days to inform which date is acceptable. If away parties do not accept within five days the match is awarded to the home party.

(c) Away parties claiming home advantage under Rule 20(a), and home parties claiming the match under Rule 20(b) must notify the Secretary immediately the time limit is up. Do not wait until the next committee meeting.

(d) Once a date is arranged if the Home party later wishes to change it he (they) will forfeit home advantage

(e) The last permitted date of play for all rounds is the day before (i.e. a Monday) the committee meeting at which the next round is due to be drawn. Matches may not be played on days set aside for committee meetings. If no result of a match is known to the Secretary before the committee meeting at which the next round is to be drawn then both parties will be scratched from the competition.

(e) Finals and semi-finals may, at the committee’s discretion, be arranged at neutral venues in which case the venue and date will be chosen by the committee.

21. Any selected player for any of the league’s North Wales Inter-league teams who fails to give at least 48 hours notice of non-availability to the Secretary or Team Captain, other than exceptional circumstances which will have to be justified at the next committee meeting, will automatically be banned from playing in the league for six league matches.

22. These rules may only be changed at an AGM or EOGM specifically called for the purpose. Motions to change the rules must given in writing to the Secretary at least fourteen days before an AGM. Such motions will require a two-thirds majority to be successful.

23. The Chairman of a committee meeting may exercise a casting vote to determine the outcome of a motion provided he has not already voted as a team representative.