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Pairs semi-finals - home advantage

Brian Mercer/Richard Chance v Rob Williams/Mike Noden

Tony Kearney/Mark Williams v Dave Davies/Tony Cannon

All games best of 5 unless mutually agreed otherwise.

Home players/teams have until Thursday 5th March 2020 to contact their opponents with dates or they will forfeit home advantage. Thereafter away players have until Thursday 12th March to contact opponents.

All games to be played before Friday 27th March 2020

Pairs last 8

Brian Mercer/Richard Chance 2 v Richard King/Adrian Robbins 0

Steve Ng/Frank Jones 0 v Dave Davies/Tony Cannon 2

Rob Williams/Mike Noden 2 v Martin Richardson/Matt Carr 0

Tony Kearney/Mark Williams 2 v Steve Roberts/Haydn Phillips 0

All games best of 3 unless mutually agreed otherwise.

Pairs prelims

Martin Richardson/Matt Carr 2 v Pat Boylan/ Andy Bebbington 0

Steve Cole/ Luke O’Mahoney V Steve Roberts/ Haydn Philips w/o

Gary Morris/ Wayne Lloyd 1 v Richard King/ Adrian Robbins 2


Rob Williams/ Mike Noden

Dave Davies/ Tony Cannon

Steve Ng/Frank Jones

Brian Mercer/ Richard Chance

Mark Williams/ Tony Kearney

11 Entries

Gary Morris/ Wayne Lloyd

Rob Williams/ Mike Noden

Dave Davies/ Tony Cannon

Steve Cole/ Luke O’Mahoney

Steve Roberts/ Haydn Philips

Richard King/ Adrian Robbins

Steve Ng/Frank Jones

Pat Boylan/ Andy Bebbington

Brian Mercer/ Richard Chance

Martin Richardson/ Matt Carr

Mark Williams/ Tony Kearney

Richard King and Gary Morris won the 2018-19 Pairs Final by 3-1. This was their 3rd successive winning of the trophy.


1993 Tony Kenny/Greg Jones

1996 Richard King/ Greg Jones

1998 Peter Roberts/Andy Lunt

1999 Peter Roberts/Andy Lunt

2005 Peter Roberts/Andy Lunt

2006 Peter Roberts/Andy Lunt

2007 Ian Fitton/Stuart Chadwick

2008 Kev Roberts/Paul R. Hughes

2009 Andy Bebbington/Brian Mercer

2010 Richard King/Roger Stevens

2011 Richard King/Roger Stevens

2012 Richard King/Daniel Jones

2013 Richard King/Daniel Jones

2014 Dyfrig Thomas/Mark Parry

2015 Colin Healey/Mike Noden

2016 Richard King/Ross Jones

2017 Richard King/Gary Morris

2018 Richard King/Gary Morris

2019 Richard King/Gary Morris