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The League was first formed around the 1930's as The Colwyn Bay and District Orme Billiard League. The league formed part of the Orme Billiards Union which was founded in 1873, two years before snooker itself was allegedly invented in India in 1875! The Colwyn Bay and District Orme Billiards League was popular and, around 1951-52 the game of snooker started to become more popular and eventually took over. Billiard League nights consisted of 6 players, each playing 125 up and the pattern of having six players competing continued through, even when the league dropped the Billiards title and became the Colwyn Bay and District Snooker League in the 50's.

Arthur Horsfield, a league legend, currently still plays in the league for Colwyn Bay Legion. He started playing back in 1951 for Llandudno Crosville when they were situated in Oxford Road, Llandudno. This Crosville was the coach depot and the counterpart of the main bus depot on Mostyn Street. There were three snooker tables here side by side which occupied the upstairs of the building which is now used as a tile supply shop on the corner of Builder Street opposite Llandudno police station. The Billiard League nights then, as with the snooker now, were always on a Thursday night and because of this the league became popularly known as the `Thursday League`.

Another local snooker league, the Conwy and District Snooker League play their matches on a Wednesday evening and are popularly known as the Wednesday League. This league was formed in 1967 as an additional league in the area and was started off with a financial boost to get them going from the `Thursday League`. Since then the two leagues have always held a healthy rivalry between themselves.

Billiards was extremely popular between the 1930's and 50's and venues like the hall above the old Burtons store in Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay were well known and used (Burtons is now the NatWest Bank and gift card shop opposite the Central Hotel). This hall had seven tables and was graced with exhibitions by the likes of the great snooker and billiards world champion Joe Davies. It was here that some of our leagues best players performed such as Bill Whale, for example, who started his playing career in 1951 for the Burtons Billiard Hall. He later moved house and started playing for his local side, the Churchmens Club, Old Colwyn in 1961-62 alongside the late Don J. Oakes. Bill has stayed faithful to the Churchmens ever since. Don, in later years moved on to the Crosville Club in Llandudno Junction before sadly passing away in 2001.

League history is difficult to trace but certainly the Churchmens Club, Old Colwyn, may have been a founder member as the scan shows them as winning the Orme Shield in 1939-40 as part of the Colwyn Bay and District Orme Billiards League.

Also in Old Colwyn was the famous Young Mens Institute situated in Beach Road where there now stands a Jehovas Church. A well known local billiard player and legend from here making regular century breaks at billiards was affectionately known as Bob Y. M.

In the 1960's the league became known as the Colwyn Bay & District Snooker League and it kept this title for over 30 years through to the 1990's when it then changed to its current name of the Colwyn and Aberconwy Snooker League.

In about the early 1980's the league started to take on a main league sponsor who would have the league named after them whilst they remained the main sponsor.

Main league Sponsors known to date have been:

1997-98 …...... Graphic Tiling (courtesy of Ronnie Dunne)

1998-99 …...... The Colwyn Sandwich Co. (courtesy of Simon Roberts)

1999-2002 ..... Junction Autopark (courtesy of Simon Roberts)

2002-03 …...... Plas Gwilym Building Supplies (courtesy of Gerald Hughes)

2003-05 …...... Meister Motor Engineering (courtesy of John McCarthy)

2006-10……….. Gap-personnel (courtesy of Paul Thomas)

2011 - .………… Clifton Glass (courtesy of Haydn Philips)

Snooker taken a bit of a fall in the 1990's. This was due to many factors, not least was the fall in popularity of the game in general possibly due to over-exposure at the time. Clubs were also finding it increasingly difficult to keep afloat in hard times and large spaces with snooker tables were becoming less and less cost effective in an increasingly competitive world. As a result team numbers started to fall in both of the local leagues as the decline hit them. Around 1998 rumours started going about regarding a merging of the two local leagues and Wednesday League officials came up with a set of proposals which they tabled at a meeting between the two leagues outlining plans for a merger. The talks broke down with several issues not being agreed upon and, as a result, the two leagues remained as they were. The 2012-13 season saw the league get its first documented century break when Ross Jones of Llan Cons B knocked in a 102 at Llandudno Cons on 29th January 2013.

  Highest Breaks  

1965 Bill Bailey 63




1969 Bill Bailey 73 - league record break at the time

1970 Jim Doherty 52

1971 A.Jones 51

1972 A.Jones 45

1973 Bill Whale 48

1974 Bob Gorst 50



1977 Peter Foster 75

1978 Jim Doherty 57

1979 Mike Whyte 60

1980 John Fangio Jones 75 (Dyfrig had 74 early in season, beaten by Fangios break in 2nd last game.)    

1981 Wayne Noble 55

1982 Howard Griffiths 69

1983 Wayne Noble 51

1984 Wayne Noble 84

1985 Wayne Noble 75

1986 Elwyn Roberts 81

1987 Andy Lunt 64

1988 Tony Kearney 93

1989 Tony Kearney 58

1990 Andy Lunt 88

1991 Andy Lunt 76

1992 Andy Lunt 93,82

1993 Andy Peters 85

1999 Arthur Horsfield 72 at age of 73 years

2002 Peter Roberts 72

2003 Chris Black 88

2004 Chris Black 62

2005 Tony Kearney 97

2006 Joss Evans 95

2007 Joss Evans 93

2008 Andy Lunt 64

2009 Wayne Noble 96

2010 Joss Evans 84

2011 Richard King 84

2012 Mark Parry 78

2013 Ross Jones 102

2014 Richard King 74

2015 Richard King & Daniel Jones 75 – jointly held

2016 Ross Jones 95 for Cons B home to Cricket A 21.11.2015

2017 Mike Noden 78

All Comps Highest Break

In 2011 the League introduced a highest break prize for breaks made in competitions other then the main League matches

2011 Richard King 131 Pairs match at Llan Cons

2012 Richard King 93 Pairs match at Crosville Club

2013 Richard King 80 Individuals at Llan Cons 29.1.2013

2014 Rob Duckenfield 70

2015 Ross Jones 79 Individuals prelim against Bill Turner

2016 Colin Healey 90 Individuals Hcap 3-1 against Tony Cannon 28.12.2015

2017 Richard King 82 Pairs final at Llan Cons