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2017-18 Winners List

`A` League winners: CRICKET A           `A` League runners-up: Llan Cons A

`B` League winners: Llan Cons B         `B` League runners-up: Legion B

Averages winner: Richard King with 92%  22 wins from 24 games.

Highest League Break winner: Ross Jones with 89 break at Legion against Dave Jones on 16th November.

Highest Competitions Break winner: Richard King 84 in the pairs semi-final at Llan Cons

Over 50's winner: Paddy Murphy won 2-1         Over 50's runner-up: Dave Jones

Over 50's semi-finalists: Elwyn Watson and Mike Clarke

Hcap Ind's winner: Nick Hughes won 2-0            Hcap Ind's runner-up: Jodey Brown

Hcap Ind's semi-finalists: Haydn Philips and Nigel Breese

TEAM PAIRS winners: Cricket A

TEAM PAIRS runner-up: Llan Cons B

TEAM SINGLES winners: Cricket B

TEAM SINGLES runner-up: Cricket A

Pairs winners Richard King/Gary Morris - 3   Paul Evans/Richard Chance - 0

Pairs semi-finalists: Alan Davidson/Bill Turner and Phil Hughes/Sean Ling

Individuals winner Richard King - 4     Ross Jones - 1

Ind's semi-finalists: Richard Chance and Tecwyn Williams